nominal return

nominal return
фин. номинальный доход (доход от инвестиций, не скорректированный на уровень инфляции)
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номинальная доходность

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  • Nominal Rate Of Return — The amount of money generated by an investment before expenses such as taxes, investment fees and inflation are factored in. For example, detailed data on a mutual might show a fund s nominal rate of return as 10%, but also show its return after… …   Investment dictionary

  • Nominal impedance — in electrical engineering and audio engineering refers to the approximate designed impedance of an electrical circuit or device. The term is applied in a number of different fields, most often being encountered in respect of: The nominal value of …   Wikipedia

  • nominal value — Under the Companies Act 1985 shares may be issued by the company to shareholders in return for cash or other value equal to or greater than its nominal value. Shares in the authorised share capital are available to be issued. The issued share… …   Law dictionary

  • Continuously compounded nominal and real returns — Nominal return Let Pt be the price of a security at time t, including any cash dividends or interest, and let Pt − 1 be its price at t − 1. Let RSt be the simple rate of return on the security from t − 1 to t. Then… …   Wikipedia

  • Nominal — An unadjusted rate, value or change in value. This type of measure often reflects the current situation, such as the current price of a car, and doesn t make adjustments to reflect factors such as seasonality or inflation, which provide a more… …   Investment dictionary

  • Nominal income target — A nominal income target is a potential policy conducted by a central bank to target the future level[1] of economic activity in nominal terms (ie. not adjusted for inflation). The central bank could target Gross domestic product (NGDP) or Gross… …   Wikipedia

  • Nominal GDP — A gross domestic product (GDP) figure that has not been adjusted for inflation. Also known as current dollar GDP or chained dollar GDP . It can be misleading when inflation is not accounted for in the GDP figure because the GDP will appear higher …   Investment dictionary

  • nominal velocity of propagation —    The speed at which a signal moves through a cable, expressed as a percentage or fraction of the speed of light in a vacuum. Some cable testers use this speed, along with the time it takes for a signal to return to the testing device, to… …   Dictionary of networking

  • After-Tax Real Rate Of Return — The actual financial benefit of an investment after accounting for inflation and taxes. The after tax real rate of return is an accurate measure of investment earnings and usually differs significantly from an investment s nominal rate of return …   Investment dictionary

  • Real Rate Of Return — The annual percentage return realized on an investment, which is adjusted for changes in prices due to inflation or other external effects. This method expresses the nominal rate of return in real terms, which keeps the purchasing power of a… …   Investment dictionary

  • Rate of return — In finance, rate of return (ROR), also known as return on investment (ROI), rate of profit or sometimes just return, is the ratio of money gained or lost (whether realized or unrealized) on an investment relative to the amount of money invested.… …   Wikipedia

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